About Us - Barkha Modi (Founder and Head Tutor)

I started my tutoring journey 15 years ago, teaching young adults, English and Verbal Reasoning for competitive exam entrances (IELTS and MBA entrance). I qualified as an MBA in marketing, but discovered that my true love lies in teaching, not selling :)

When I had my own 2 little ones, I realised that I could actually push them to achieve a lot more than what they were doing at school. While every school works at the pace of the slowest learner in the class, my children had the potential to do much more.

With my teaching experience, as I went through as many resources available as possible to teach my kids, I saw that there was a lot of content available, but only so much that was useful and effective. And it could be made better.

My method works. Our tutors that I train personally are now in sync with our thinking and way of working. Our children (my own and my students) are now thriving in their respective classes - and we know we have made a foundation for them to be successful.

Students feel connected to our tutors because we teach in an engaging way and practice using innovative and fun techniques such as games and quizzes. The one to one teaching and homework follow-through ensures that if your child needs supplementary support, we are there to help them. And if your children are overachievers, we are there to engage them. Your child will actually look forward to learning with us!

On the foundations that we set, your child will be building essential skills - especially literacy and numeracy.

With Future Perfect you can be sure that you will be helping young minds cope with a challenging and high skills future.